Premarital Counseling

While you’re busy planning your wedding, make sure to take time to prepare for your marriage.

Research shows that couples that take part in premarital counseling have a 30% lower incidence of divorce.

This program is for engaged or seriously committed couples who are ready to deepen their connection, explore challenging issues, and improve communication.

As a Certified Premarital counselor with PREPARE/ENRICHTM, our work together will cover such topics as:

• Learning and Improving Communication Skills
• Identifying and Exploring Strength and Growth Areas
• Uncovering and Discussing Personality Traits and Habits
• Techniques for Resolving Conflicts and Reducing Stress
• Considering Relationship Roles
• Exploring Career Goals and Finances
• Discussing Sex and Affection
• Creating Personal, Relationship and Family Goals

I offer a Premarital Couples Package that begins with the online Prepare/EnrichTM  customized couple’s assessment, and is followed by 4 couple’s sessions in which review the report, discuss difficult subjects in a safe environment, and learn proven techniques for building a deeper connection, all with the goal of preparing for a strong and lasting marriage.